Woensdag 16 Maart 2016

The price of the HP Samsung Galaxy are 1

The price of the HP Samsung Galaxy are 1 GB of RAM, A3 later-Seris Samsung Galaxy is indeed just confiscated a lot of public attention. This Samsung phone is divided into three varieties, namely Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 Samsung Galaxy. This time there will be some megulas of minimum set from Samsung Galaxy A Seris that is Samsung Galaxy A3. Middle class menyasar phone comes with specs that are big enough to be reliable and robust. Call the ukungan of dengand of capacity 1 GB of RAM and a Quad-core mobile phone fairly fast and stable in the conduct of any user printah. We will give you a little review on price, specifications, as well as strengths and weaknesses, following reviewnya.

Review Samsung Galaxy HP A3

As menyasar middle-class mobile phone price Harga HP Samsung Galaxy A3 dibandrol around Rp 3 million. With 1 GB of RAM and a powerful Quad-core specification is still pretty expensive compared with rival Smartphone products. Currently the average mobile phone with 1 GB RAM dibandrol with a range of under 2 million. Understandably, the Samsung is a premium brand that is always membandrol her phone with a higher price despite its specs remain minimal.

Price of Samsung Galaxy HP A3, the latest specifications of 1 GB RAM

On the specific screen Samsung Galaxy A3 impressed even the responsibility, as the phone is Rp. 3 million, 4.5-inch screen sizes to Petite, but in terms of comfort is still quite atmosphere and operate it. Unfortunately, although the type of screen used Super AMOLED 16 million colors berkedalaman colors, but this resolution still does not rely solely on Harga Samsung Galaxy x 960 540 qHD HP A3 HD pixels and a density of a minimum of 245 ppi. Although still lower than expected, but still the screen of this phone looks even clearer.

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