Maandag, 28 Maart 2016

Harga Mobil Audi Q7 4.2 FSI Quattro Tiptronic

If a glimpse of luxury vehicle, the Audi Q7 looks like a Honda vehicle, Honda CRV. But of course, this is very different from Audi cars with Honda CRV because it seemsnot only more sporting but also looks more elegant. Not only that, the car that was brought by Audi Q7 series is strong enough for the class.

In fact, bringing the engine gasoline engine Audi 6 cylinder turbo intercooler. The contents of the cylinders in the engine so that you can lift a maximum 225 hp power2995 NAE 3750 RPM. And again for this vehicle until it reaches a maximum torque of 406 lb-ft, each of which is 1750 RPM.

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